Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Oh for the love of Pete. Yesterday I went to my one week post operative appointment and it was horrid. He cleaned and suctioned (I say that he 'Dysoned me' because he used superior suction)and then.......get this......he said that my septum had moved back......so..... he. pushed. it. back. Have you ever given birth without an epidural? I have. My head spun around and green smoke came out of my ears. Well, this was like that. Except the smoke was purple because of all of my narcotic painkillers.

And now I feel the worst I have so far...eight days post surgery. That's just wrong, don't you think? My head and face are pounding, my nose hurts and is filled with gunk, and my eyes feel like they are sticking three inches out from my face. (have you ever seen that black woman who can pop her eyeballs out like a cartoon character? She was on Letterman doing it... well, that's how my eyes feel)

Oh joy. Gotta love sinus surgery and complications.

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