Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Latest Update On My Schnoz

I know, I know...everyone out there (all three of you who read this) are dying to hear what's new with my nose. With my Nasal Septum Reconstruction.
The good news is that when my very sweet doctor (have I mentioned how much I adore him...thank God he hadn't retired before I had the surgery) removed the spllint he said the the bone is once again perfectly straight. Unfortunately, it is back to bare bone in my left nostril and I'm back to day one as far as healing goes. I have to be vigilant about not letting the girls anywhere near my face (which kills me because it means I can't kiss their beautiful little faces) or getting my nose bumped in any way. If it gets bumped even a little, it will be wrecked again. Same goes for any extra pressure (like blowing my nose or sneezing or anything).
Back to day one of healing. And that also means I'm nowhere near ready to start running again.

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