Monday, December 18, 2006

Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever EVER Have Sinus Surgery. For Real.

Consider yourself warned. Never have sinus surgery. Never let anyone you care about have sinus surgery. If someone you don't particularly care about mentions that they are having sinus surgery, tell them it's evil. And if your arch enemy plans to have sinus surgery.....well.....boy, this one is hard.....well, I guess you make that call on your own.

This has been a nightmare. I had a terrible doctor appt this morning. He looked in my nose and immediately asked if I'd been hit in the nose. I told him that the girls had bumped me a couple times, Libby got me once hard and square in the nose. "Why?" I asked, "it doesn't look bad, does it?" He replied, "it looks very bad" The part he'd cut apart and straightened was bent back sideways at about a 90 degree angle. He numbed it and shoved it back, then splinted it. No work until next week. I'm in agony again.

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