Friday, December 22, 2006

Special Day for the Girls and Their Christmas Portraits

Yesterday I took lots of pain meds and hired a driver (my mother) and took the girls out for a special day. I picked up Libby at noon and took her to the salon.

When I came home from my hair appointment the day before with deeper red hair and announced that Libby had an appointment the next day for a special haircut she replied that she wanted pink hair. She said that I got red hair so she wanted pink hair. So, pink hair it was.

So, we went to the salon where "Sparkly Sara", as Libby calls her, pampered Libby like never before. There was bleaching and coloring and washing and cutting and styling and the word "princess" was heard several times.....
Next we picked up Amelia and came home. I tried to take their Christmas portraits, although it was not working the best. Amelia was tired and Libby was hopped up from the salon high and her Christmas party in the morning at daycare. I got a few of Libby and we headed off for the highlight of the day...Santa.
Libby was nervous. Amelia was downright freaked out.

After Santa we headed out for ice cream at Maggie Moo's and each girl ate an entire dish of strawberry ice cream by themselves.
Later in the evening after dinner and a bit of chilling out we tried again for some Christmas portraits. With Chris' help we got Amelia to sit still long enough to get a couple fun ones of her. The only way we got any of the girls together was to have them sitting on toys. Libby worked her new rockstar look and picked up her little guitar for some photos. Those are my favorites.


Monica said...

Reb, the pic of Libby behind the guitar is AWESOME. I think that one is award worthy! And her pink hair is lovely. (She IS a princess!)

Reb said...

Thanks Monica....that's my favorite, too. In fact, it's already framed and sitting on the fireplace.