Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Extended, Two-Day Outpatient Surgery

I went in yesterday morning at 6:30 for what what supposed to be my quick outpatient sinus surgery. I expected to be home, in lots of pain, by noon. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned.
It started well, with me joking a lot with the doctor and anesthesia guy. I warned them that I've had troubles with anesthesia in the past. As a teenager they once could not get me to wake up from a surgery and there was a lot of dry heaving, and I had to give birth to Libby with my head lower than my feet (no help from Mr Gravity in that position, my friends) because my epidural kept making me pass out and take my blood pressure to about 10 over -8 :) They put a little patch behind my ear to prevent any post surgery nausea and wheeled me in. I got a nice cocktail in my IV from the funny anesthesia man and helped my doctor pull off a joke on the nurses. And then I was out.
The surgery went well. I'm told that I had a very large spur in there that was removed, he broke my nose and reconstructed it, and recected some thingies and scraped some dealies. He said that it was a mess in there.
I woke up in the recovery room only partially. I remember very little, but do have sporatic little snippets of memories from this time. I woke up to a violent flopping. My head was flopping back and forth from side to side, my legs were flopping all over the place. I vaguely remember asking someone to hold my head still for me, which the funny anesthesia man did. They ran out and grabbed Chris to ask him if this is something I do with my epilepsy, and he was pretty startled by what he was seeing, of course. My eyes were rolled back througout the flopping, although I was apparently talking throughout.
I guess I was having this sort of grand mal seizure looking thing for well over 15-20 minutes. Although the emergency EEG showed that I was having lots of my temporal lobe seizures that are normal to me, it showed that this flopping which was happening was not my epilepsy, but apparently a bad reaction to the anesthesia. There was talk of sending me to the ICU, but when I finally settled down, they decided to just admit me to a regular hospital room.
It was an extremely painful day and a half after that in the hospital, but the hospitalist took fabulous care of me, as did one nurse in particular.
I got home today at about 4pm and am still in tons of pain. I'm on oxycotin, percoset, and prescription the hospital is was morphine every hour or so.
I took a shower tonight after the girls went to bed, to try and get all of the glue out of my hair from the EEG and to wash three days of scum off of me. It did not go well. I was in hideous pain and then began shivering uncontrollably. Chris had to help me because all I could do was moan and cry. I guess a bath would have been a better idea.
I go in tomorrrow morning to get the packing and splints removed from inside my nose. I'm pretty scared about that...I can't imagine that it will be a pleasant feeling.

I came home to a huge hole in our screen on the sliding patio doors... by huge I mean the entire width of the door and about a foot high. There were some really big dog paw prints in the snow on the patio, and lots of paw prints and slobber on the inside of the window. It appears that some big dog came up and tried to get into our house to kick our dogs' asses. He has chunks of our screen laying all over outside. Chris followed the tracks and there were tons in our back door neighbor's back yard, but then they went off into the street. So, no way of knowing who's dog it was. This is at the house we are still just getting moved into. It's pretty freaky. What if it was Summer and the glass door was open? Our kids, our dogs.... We instantly made the decision to fence in the entire back yard.

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