Saturday, March 03, 2007

All by myself.....

Tomorrow I have 14 miles on my training schedule and I have to run them on my own because my running partner isn't available. Anyone have any tips on running that far without someone to pull me along?
...okay, I'll be honest, my training schedule actually says to run 16 miles....but I refuse to do that alone, and frankly I don't feel physically ready to run that far yet. So I've made the executive decision to run 14.
The farthest I've ever run alone is 13.1 miles. That was the Fox Cities Half Marathon last September, and that was hard, but I did it. It was also a race with thousands of people running and spectators cheering me on. I doubt that I'll have too many people standing on the side of the road, holding signs, playing music, holding Gatorade out for me to grab, and yelling words of encouragement as I pass tomorrow.
I think I'll be on my own. SO, anyone have any tips?

Libby is gone all weekend to her grandparents' house... and I miss her already!! They asked if they could pick her up from the sitter on Friday and take her to a magic show, then keep her until Sunday. Libby's been dying of excitement for weeks. It's weird just having Amelia here, but she's loving the extra attention. We are loving the extra sleep since she usually sleeps a couple hours later in the morning than Libbs. She and I are going out to Jo's farm this afternoon to play a little and so I can give her the proofs from our shoot last weekend and a housewarming gift I put together. I will post a photo of it after I give it to her, because I really like it. :)

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