Friday, March 09, 2007

Can you hear the rumble?

They're forcasting 48 degrees on Monday and 54 degrees on Tuesday....time to get the bike out!!!!! You can bet that if we get up close to that temperature this biker girl will be riding to work on the pink Daisy. That's right, my motorcycle will officially come out of Winter storage and I'll be breaking in my new jacket. I'd better polish up the pink flames on the helmet and get ready to brave snowbanks and road grit. I'll keep you posted on any motorcycle activity. I just can't keep Daisy locked up in the stinky garage any longer!

We're getting ready for the pink party on Sunday. Today was the trip to the party store, tomorrow will bring cleaning, stuffing goody bags, a trip to the grocery store, and the baking of the cake. The very special cake.... Sunday morning is a long run of somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 miles (not as long as I'd like, due to a time shortage in the Reb Haus) and then it's time to party in pink.

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