Saturday, March 03, 2007

The gnomes love me!!

Today a package arrived. At first glance it appeared to be an ordinary brown envelope...but upon closer inspection I found that it was a package sent from the gnomes. From the great family of Gnome to me--an unworthy but appreciative human.
Inside the package was a note which read:

"Greetings Dear Reb from new Orleans,
Enjoying Gnomecon 2007. Wish you were here. We'd show you pictures of what we did for drinks on Bourbon Street but we didn't want anyone to get embarrassed. Your imagination will have to suffice instead.
With Love and Adulation,
The Gnomes
P.S. Enclosed is a small token of our affections for you, Gnome Goddess, so you won't forget us"

As if that touching letter was not enough, it was accompanied by a gift. They sent... are you ready?.....are you sitting down?....okay, prepare yourself.....
a "Wee Little Garden Gnome"!!!!!!! he is a lovely little flower-holding gnome about three inches tall.

My desk at work will now be a much brighter place. As I stare at my computer each day, I will have a constant reminder of Gnometopia....the land where all is good and full of beauty.

Thank you, my gnome friends. I am humbled by your greatness and generosity.

AND we got an offer on the house today!!!!! They lowballed us, but hopefully they will accept our counter offer and we will be rid of it by March's end. Thank all that is good and holy.

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