Monday, March 26, 2007

Yowsah times two

So, I went to the bowling outing on Saturday, only to leave after a game because I was feeling pretty crummy. Flu-like...the bad achy-all-over-feeling, queasy, etc. I felt better on Sunday but still not good and didn't even do my easy long run. I haven't run in a week due to scheduling issues and not feeling well. That's probably for the best, though, because my hips have been squeaking at me a bit since the 16 miler and my shoes are in desperate need of replacement. I think it was best to rest the hips a little and wait for shoes that don't have a hole worn through the heel.

So...I found my shoes online yesterday for 71.00 on the coolest site. Usually they are only 90.00, which is pretty damn cheap, but 71!!!!! I ordered them this morning and they have already been shipped, so I'll have them for our 20 mile monster run this weekend. PLUS I did a survey when I paid for them and got one year subscriptions to FOUR magazines for 8.00!! Bonus!! What, you ask, is this grand website of which I speak? Outdoor Divas is the name and you should check them out!!

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