Saturday, March 24, 2007


It's Saturday!! I'm sitting here with coffee and juice and a belly full of bagel and thankful for a couple of days off. Today is the company bowling outing, which is always fun, but honestly I'd like to stay in my house all day long. I'd love to brush Chumley, play with the girls, and then curl up with Libby for a nice afternoon nap. I may have a few beers at bowling because I'll be home by dinner and only have to run 8 miles tomorrow. Usually I have to be so careful about what I eat and drink on Saturdays because of it's effect on the Sunday morning long run....but with a 'short' long run and an evening to re-hydrate I can relax a bit!

Tonight I'm planning on a movie marathon with Chris. I rented four movies for he and I (and Open Season for the girls)but ended up going to bed when Libby did at 8:30 last night. I know...could I be more lame on a Friday night??? but I'd been up at 4:30 am on Thursday and then had a long day yesterday. Therefore I didn't end up watching any of them. My friend Monica pointed out that I hadn't done a 38 Word Movie Review in a very long time, so I will be resurrecting that starting tomorrow.

I had a ENT appointment on Wednesday and Dr Wonderful roto-rootered me and helped me breathe again. He said that the nose is finally all healed up, but it will be a while before it's functioning properly as far as the stuff it produces. He gave me a shot that is supposed to help me find relief or complete freedom from seasonal allergies for 4-6 weeks, which will give the nose a little more help. So far it seems to be helping, but this morning I am a little stuffed up again. We'll see.
Like I mentioned, tomorrow's long run is a 'short' eight miles. That's because next week is the big monster......20 miles. After that one, we'll drop back down and slowly build back up to another 20 miler, and possibly go through that same cycle a third time pre-marathon.

I'm super excited because I'm going to be buying a felted bag from my friend Jeffi up North in Canada. She makes amazing quilts and bags. Check them out!!! She's working on a way to accomodate a couple of my requests for features on the bag and then I'm getting a custom ShantiBag!!!!!! Some day Chris and I will have one of her quilts. We both want one SO badly. Her bright colors suit our home perfectly and they'd really brighten up our bedroom.

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