Monday, July 24, 2006

The All-New 38 Word Movie Review

It was all comedy all the time this weekend. If you can call all of it comedy. I decided that I'll go uber-intellectual on you and review "The Ringer" this week.

The Ringer
The guy from "Jackass" pretends to be 'special' and enters the Special Olympics. There were a few funny scenes (when he's coming up with his 'special' persona) but the actual special actors were by far the most talented.

I ran five miles tonight at a decent pace and the hip only bothered a little. My anterior tibialis' tried to flare up a bit though, which really chapped my ass. I thought that they had given up when they realized that I was more stubborn then they and wouldn't let them stop me from running. Turns out they thought they could lay low for a while, then sneak up on me and attack when I let my guard down... Little did they know that I sleep with my eyes open and run wearing my 360 degree goggles to catch all possible enemies.

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