Monday, July 10, 2006

Reb's Weekly 38 Word Movie Review

With the recent joining of Netflix, I will have no problem keeping up with my movie review! By the way, LOVE Netflix. We don't have cable, so we tend to rent 2-3 movies per weekend, and a whole month of unlimited movies is about the cost of one weekend at Hollywood Video. And we don't waste money on late fees, which is an issue for us.
So this week I have two movies to chose between for the review... Dreamer with little Dakota Fanning and the beautiful horse (I won't cry for the sappiest movie....whether it's a heartbreaking drama or romantic comedy. Chris thinks I'm cold hearted and cries at the silliest little thing in a movie.... but give me an animal story and I sob. Seriously. You know Homeward Bound? About the two dogs and a cat who get lost and have to find their way home? yep, I go through a box of tissues and have a lump in my throat for days. There's a movie about sled dogs--what was the name--it was a Disney film--live action--White Fang? Does that sound right? Anyway, I was a mess through the entire thing. I couldn't sit still, couldn't breathe, cried, gasped, basically freaked out. Chris still teases me about that a couple years later.) Anyway, sorry...I could choose between Dreamer and Sense and Sensibility. Hmmmm....

Gotta go with...

Dakota Fanning is incredible. Champion horse breaks it's leg but is spared and nursed back to health. Girl takes ownership of horse and finds new relationship with her dad. Kurt Russel, Elisabeth Shue as parents. Cheesy but good!

Chris is still in WA on business. Yesterday he hurt himself at Mount St Helens. While attempting a death-defying leap from one rock to another, he fell and gashed his leg open. He said that blood was pooling into his shoes pretty much immediately. There were pebbles in the wound that he had to pull out, and tonight it's still bleeding. He definitely should have gone for stitches, but he felt stupid and embarrassed as it happened in front of his coworker.
He comes home on Friday, and that will make most of a month that he's been gone. In the time I've been 'single parenting' Libby had a serious case of Strep Throat, Amelia got two new teeth and has two more working their way out, Amelia got two ear infections (diagnosed today, now on the same medication as Libby for her Strep), I had to go to the Orthopedic doc and had x-rays and bone scans, had showings on the house which meant lots of cleaning, dropped the price of the house, and Libby had to go back to the doctor today because her tonsils are still enormous. I'm ready for Chris to come home. And I told him that next time he's away on business, if one of the girls or dogs get sick and need to go to the doctor and/or can't go to daycare, he's flying home from wherever in the world he is and taking care of it. I'm probably inches from my boss giving me a box for my things at work because of all the missed time.

The hip is coming along slowly. The cross training seems to be helping. Tonight I ran three miles and then biked 8 miles, averaging 20 mph. The hip feels pretty good, and it allowed me to get my pace up to normal for half of the run. A few more weeks of this and hopefully I'll be able to get my running mileage up again.

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