Friday, July 14, 2006

Freaking Out!!

I start physical therapy on Tuesday and I cannot wait to meet the guy. He is supposedly an expert in lower extremities, and running gait analysis, and is even a certified Pilates instructor (so I am I, though I stopped teaching two years ago). I am becoming convinced that my hip problems are actually from tightness and imbalance in other areas, which would mean that I could fix the problem rather quickly. I've been doing some freaking out of the grandest variety lately regarding my hip and my marathon training. Yes, I'm still running...and yes, I'm still biking, but I haven't been out on a long run in weeks and it freaks me out, man!!!! Check out the countdown clock on the left side of the's getting close! Pretty soon we'll be closer to the upcoming marathon than we are to the one I just completed. And I'm running three mile workouts and doing a lot of biking. Ahem, did someone forget to tell me that you don't bike a marathon??? I need to get some consistent 13-17 mile runs in soon or I may end up spending race day in a straightjacket...Because I'm freaking out!!!!!!!

Chris gets home today. At least he is supposed to. Since it's almost tomorrow, however, I don't think he'll make it. He was supposed to have been home hours ago. His plane was delayed for several hours for the most scary of all reasons--mechanical problems. In the end they announced that they could board the plane, as they had one of the three auto-pilots functioning...And joked that the pilots would actually have to fly the plane today. Nice. Thanks. That makes me feel great about my husband flying across the country in your 1/3 functioning aircraft.

We go camping tomorrow. We were supposed to have gone tonight, but since Chris is still not home at nearly Midnight, it didn't happen. It's supposed to be 95-98 degrees and almost 100% humidity for the next two days. Doesn't camping in a tent with a three year old and a nine month old in 98 degree weather sound fabulous?????? Especially when you haven't seen your husband in a month (except for a few days over the 4th) and you haven't slept in just as long because your toddler needs help to pee during the night and your nine month old demands 1-2 bottles during the night, then gets up at 5 am?? I'm tired. I generally don't sleep well in hot weather, and Libby kicks and punches in her sleep, and Amelia crawls all over while she sleeps...And I'll be sharing a air mattress with them both. I was SO looking forward to this weekend and the camping with our friends (and Libby's boyfriend) when it was two nights and Chris wasn't scheduled to have been traveling the week before. I wish we could reschedule, but it's just not an option. Regardless, I'm sure we'll still have a great time, and Libby will be in heaven.

Netflix is awesome. I watched 'Rumor Has It' last night and 'Monster' tonight. I'll have to see what comes next before I do my 38 word movie options are so much wider now! Fun!

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