Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Maybe We Should Raffle Off The House??

Since we aren't having any takers on the house the traditional way, I was thinking of selling raffle tickets. Five bucks a ticket...if I sell enough we could make the amount we wanted and one lucky winner will get a house for the cost of a large pizza from Little Ceasers. Who could pass that up?
Actually, we dropped the price again today. It's only by $2500, but it's still so discouraging. That $2500 could have gone a long way towards a fence for the new backyard....or paid off my motorcycle.....or sent us on a real honeymoon....or paid a few months of daycare....
Anyone want a house? I'll throw in a three year old black lab for no extra charge. You can keep the custom pooper scooper. And her kennel. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!! As an added bonus, if you order now, you can even have the little bird who's nesting in the rain gutter!!

I put some new photos from tonight onto my flickr page.

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