Thursday, July 27, 2006

Psoas I was saying.....

The Hip Guy thinks that I have a problem with my psoas (so-ass) that is at least contributing to my hip pain. The psoas is a deep hip flexor muscle that runs from the front of the pelvis to the inside of the lower spine and is deep in your abdomen. Normally you have to sort of push away various organs to wriggle your hand down enough to where you can feel it. Mine, on the left side, is right up at the surface and extremely sore to the touch. The psoas on the right is normal and doesn't hurt much. Hip Guy is pretty sure that there is something in there pushing it up and out of a big cyst or something. I have a history of large ovarian cysts on that side. He encouraged me to call my doctor and get in for an exam, and I have made that appointment for next Friday. If that hip flexor is out of place, it's obviously not able to keep the hip joint in the correct position or allow it to function normally...which would explain my pain. Interesting. I've also had other issues which throw up red flags for cysts or endometriosis (have had surgery for both before) over the last six months or so. What a pain in my psoas!!!

Ms Libby is turning into quite an artist. I am amazed at how well she can stay in the lines while coloring and compose appealing designs. She's also very talented in taking photos, which I've shown here before. With her artistic ability beginning to peak out, her dance moves developing, quick humor surfacing, and her flamboyant style, I'm starting to think that we've got a little artist/performer on our hands. Poor kid will be like her mom--forced to make a decision between earning a regular paycheck or following her passions. :) But I'm really excited to see which of her interests and natural abilities grow into real passions. Then again, she could do a 180 and become a chemist.

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