Sunday, July 02, 2006

Big News On The Gnomefront!!!! They send gifts!!

Over the last couple of months the gnomes have sent me several presents out of the blue. The Gnomes write long sweet letters proclaiming their devotion to me and thank me for being their ardent defender. They know how deep my love is for them and call me wonderful things like "luscious" and "delicious" and "beautiful". These gifts have brightened many days for me. The Gnomes sent me a necklace made out of a bottle cap, which I wear nearly every day. A beer bottle cap gnome necklace may not be "business dress" according to my employer, but I think it is the perfect accessory to a nice black suit. They also sent a gnome air freshener for my car. It's the perfect scent to cover wet dog smell and the aroma of baby spit up. What does a gnome smell like, you ask? Pine, apparently. I would have assumed that they smelled more like mushrooms or the substance that is in their pipes, but what do I know, really? The Gnomes also sent a gnome statuette, which resides next to my computer. He helps me find words that are not coming to me and gives me someone to talk to when I'm alone. And then yesterday The Gnomes sent Libby a gift!!!! I'm so happy that they are aware of her love for them!!! They sent her a beautiful gnome shirt! I love it and intend to force her to wear it for every special occasion until she can't squeeze into it...Then watch out, Amelia! I have to show you the gifts. Then you may understand why I love gnomes so much. They are wonderful and generous creatures who always make my day brighter when I can use it.

Took the girls in the bike trailer for about 18 miles. That wouldn't have been any impressive feat, but it was a very hilly route on an extremely windy day. It kicked my butt like a good long run, whereas I've been doing 15 miles on the stationary bike and not feeling like I've worked hard enough. I'm telling you, the 9 miles into the wind, with it catching in that trailer like those parachutes they use to stop racecars, added some serious resistance.

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