Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Taking Applications For Non-Muslim Marathon Partners

My running partner, Jo, emailed me this morning. She said that the Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins September 24. During Ramadan adults fast during the daylight hours. No food, no water. It starts on September 24th. Hmmmm, wasn't there something going on around September 24th? It seems like something is happening that day...Amelia's first birthday?? Nope, that's the 23rd. Thanksgiving?? Nah, that's in November. Wait, I know!!! That's the day the new phone books are delivered!! ...Right?

September 24th is the Fox Cities Marathon.

Jo can't run it. She can't run a marathon without consuming water or food or energy bars or Gu.

There are no other marathons in the region within the few weeks prior to the Fox Cities that we could run instead.

I'm on my own.

So, my training has been weak due to my hip injury, I want to beat my personal best, and now my running partner is not running. I was planning on letting her pull me along and not letting me quit. Now I have to do that myself, and that scares me.

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slomo said...

Well,I might be able to help you out there. Looking for a pr too. Slowly feeling better about the hip -no matter what I do I'll be doing a reverse taper for the run!