Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!! (with Dr Marathon Update)

Happy 4th of July! We are having a very nice, very mellow one here. Just the four of us hanging out and enjoying the day off. Enjoying the day together before Chris leaves again tomorrow for ten more days in Washington state. I can't believe that he's leaving again so soon. Four days just didn't seem like long enough to have him home. Libby says that she's ready for another 'Girl Party' as we call it when it's just us girls at home...but give her two hours after the plane takes off and she'll be saying that she wants her daddy.
The girls have been enjoying our large above-ground pool this weekend. (okay, so it's a small plastic baby pool...but it is above ground and they are enjoying it) The dogs are even relaxed. I think it's been an hour since I heard Holly bark. That's something special.

I had my follow up appointment with Dr Marathon yesterday to get results from the x-rays and bone scans. THEY WERE NORMAL! No stress fracture!!! The bones are okay, although there is some misalignment in my pelvis which could just be from muscle imbalance. He gave me a bunch of exercises to do and told me I can start running again!! Not even two weeks off, but it feels like it's been forever. Biking just doesn't do the same things for me. He did give me a stern lecture about easing into it, running slower than usual (he obviously hasn't seen me run and doesn't realize that this means I'll be taking a leizurely stroll), and cutting my distance in half for a little bit. There will also still be cross training, so I'll maybe just run 2x a week and bike 2x a week for a little while, until it's back to (mostly) full strength. If things continue to hurt or get worse, I'll go back. Yay!!!! I'm a runner again!!!

With the help of my awesome running friend, Katherine, I added a countdown to my next marathon off to the left of the page. Also added Flickr, which will make viewing photos much easier for you. Rather than searching through posts to find photos, you can click on the purple Flickr badge (also off to the left) and then view our 'sets'...one for normal family photos, two others for the girls' monthly photos from their first years. Katherine is the best. I SO owe her.

Happy 4th!!!

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