Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Fireworks and the First Run

We took the girls to the fireworks display last night and it went great. In the morning Chris took the van over to the park where they set them off and parked about 100 yards away. He and the girls walked home, then when it was time to go we drove my car over and parked about a half mile away and walked over to the van. There had been severe thunderstorm warnings and watches out, but it all passed by and we had a dry evening until about fifteen minutes after they ended, when the sky opened up. Libby did great as long as Chris covered her ears, and loved them. She said that the ones that looked like 'jungle trees' were her favorites. Amelia slept through the entire thing in her carseat in the van. Again, I wonder how she can sleep through an enormous fireworks display going on 100 yards away, but can't sleep through me getting up to pee during the night.

I just did my first run. It was a very slow three miler, but it felt so good to run again. My hip hurt, but not as bad and I was so excited to be running again that I didn't care that much. Iced and stretched and although it hurts, I can put weight on it and that's improvement :)

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