Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I'm fa-REAK-in out!!!! The race is in three days!!!!
I did it. I made it official tonight. After days of waffling back and forth and giving myself the option to make excuses(we're broke and I shouldn't spend the registration money....Jo can't run it with me....Chris won't run it with me....blah blah blah) to not do it....I committed and registered. Now there is no turning back. I'm running the Fox Cities Marathon US Cellular Half Marathon BY MYSELF on Sunday morning. And they are predicting cold weather and a chance of rain.

And I'm determined to make it good. I'm at least determined not to quit. I'm not shooting for a PR, I did that a couple of weeks ago. I'm just shooting to go out, have fun, and prove to myself that I am a runner-- that even when I'm all alone and don't have anyone to lean on or pull me along by my fragile pride, I can do it. That I am a runner. Not a phony, a fraud, or a fake. That is what this run is about for me. This is all me. Nobody is there to pull me along, encourage me, or push me to finish. This is me being a runner. On my own. And when I finish these 13.1 miles I will not be able to say that it was because of anyone but me. And the same goes if I don't finish...

(and I'm scared)

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Sue said...

You can do it Reb! I have total faith in your ability and determination and TENACITY to finish that marathon and rub it in the noses of Chris and your friend who backed out on doing it with you!