Saturday, September 23, 2006

Happy Birthday Amelia!! And Tomorrow's the Marathon!

Today is Amelia's first birthday!!
One year ago today my head was spinning in complete circles and there was green smoke coming out of my ears. Strange screams and moans were thrust out of my voicebox. My eyes rolled and fingernails scratched grooves into whatever I could reach. Then I gave birth to a gorgeous little girl who's lungs and belly were filled with fluid. She was quiet, as were the nurses, doctor, Chris, and myself. Suction.... and then, after a long scary wait, the most beautiful cry in the world filled the room.

I swear I can still hear it.

Oh. Wait. I can. She gave Chumley her cookie and she's not happy about it.

Tomorrow is my Half Marathon!!
I went to the marathon expo and picked up my race bib. I've got a good, strong number. I like it. And the bib has my name on it nice and big. That makes such a difference in an event. Spectators call out to you by name, cheering you on. ...."Rebecca, keep going--you're halfway there!!" .... "Go Rebecca!!".... "Rebecca, get up off of the street! Do you need an ambulance??"

The Green Bay Marathon bibs didn't have names on them, so Jo and I added ours. Looking back, we probably should have been more creative. Maybe Jo could have had "Slow" and I could have had "Slower". Or she could have had "Help" and I could have had "us!" Or possibly "Wait" and "For us!"

I created a playlist for my iPod. All country music. I figured that if I made myself listen to country until I finished I'd run REALLY fast.

Okay, so there isn't actually any country on it, but it's not a bad idea......

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