Thursday, September 07, 2006

One Week

Only one week until I go with two girlfriends to Chicago to see the Dave Matthews Band and Parliament! We planned this so many months ago that I cannot believe it's almost here! We're staying overnight and generally making mischief and mayhem. It's an outdoor show, too, which will make it even more fun.
Later in the month I go to Charlotte, NC for a week for work. And next month I have an overnight trip to Minneapolis for work. Chris is going to be getting a (tiny)taste of what it's like for me when he travels for work.

I haven't run since the new Half PR on Sunday. My legs finally feel good today, though I'm still sore from my fall at the end. I'm just glad that I was too tired to stiffen up and fight that fall. I think I was so fatigued that I just rolled with it and only ended up with a few bruises. It's sort of like how a drunk usually isn't hurt during an accident. Except that I wasn't drunk. Really. I swear. I mean it...there really was a seizure and an uneven sidewalk!!!!

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