Sunday, September 17, 2006

Amelia's First Trip to the ER

Thursday night I was getting things together for my big night away and Chris had the girls in the bathtub. Because she finds sitting very boring these days, Amelia stands up over and over in the tub. Over and over we tell her to sit down and plop her back onto her butt. This time Chris wasn't quite fast enough and she fell face first into the tub. There was blood in her mouth and on her face. That from inside her mouth was due to a cut on the roof of her mouth, while that on her face was from the deep cut to her chin. It wasn't too long, maybe 3/4 of an inch, but it was deep and wide open. I threw her into her pj's while Chris bandaged her up. Tossed her in the van and cruised over to the hospital. Poor Libby wanted to go the hospital, too, because she needed a new sticker (she constantly says she has to go to the doctor because she's sick...only to find out that she's fine, she just wants one of the stickers they give her when she goes).
Amelia and I spent about three hours there because a couple of ambulances came in while we were waiting. I couldn't set her down to crawl around on the germy floor, and if I sat down she screamed. Since I didn't want any of the other hurt/sick people to have to listen to a screaming child for two hours, I walked, bounced, swayed, rocked, and patted for the entire time.
The cut inside her mouth was starting to heal already (that was from her bottom teeth, so imagine the force it took to shove her jaw back far enough to tear into the roof of her mouth) so they didn't do anything to that....but they superglued her chin back together. Looks pretty good, just bruised and crusty from the glue. She was a trooper and has been doing great. My arms are still sore and my heart is just now slowing down to a normal rhythm.
It was at the same age that Libby made her first trip....when she had just started to walk and fell face-first into the ceramic pot which holds my Ficus tree. Her injury was a little more extreme, however, as she'd pushed her front tooth all the way back up into her head...x-rays showed that it was sitting between two adult teeth which were already formed way up in there.

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