Monday, September 04, 2006

New Half-Marathon PR!!!! New look for the blog!! New teeth for Monkey!! New Hairdos for the girls!! New Paint Job for my Motorcycle!!

All sorts of new stuff in the last few days!
New Half-Marathon PR
Yesterday Jo and I ran our new personal records for Half-Marathon (13.1 miles) and in doing so ran a new PR for a 15K, as well! Two, two, two PRs in one! We ran the Half in 2 hours 11 minutes, shaving two minutes off of our previous best and averaging a flat 10:00/mile pace. We are very pleased and both of us are quite sore, as well. Now I need to rest and run easy for the next two weeks as I get ready to run the Fox Cities Marathon. I'm running the Half-Marathon event with Chris. I must admit that I'm a bit concerned about it, as he's only run four times now, the longest distance being four miles. As I always say, there is a bit of a flaw in your training if tapering for a race means increasing your mileage.

Because of my lack of time, I'll give you the Cliff Notes version of the 13.1 Mile Adventure Run Report this week.
** Jo and I saw another Heron. That's something like three adventure runs in a row where we had Heron sightings. Trying to tell us something? Hmmmm.....
**Jo respected the "No Dumping" signs along the trail....for once.
**A baby bunny ran by and Jo swore she could smell it before she saw it...said something about recognizing animal pee smell...smelled like a Guinnea Pig... and then I asked if it could have actually been the horse farm we were running by.
**Seizures. I have a mild form of Epilepsy which sometimes get worse during long training runs if I am not careful about keeping up on my electrolyte intake. I apparently wasn't careful enough of it yesterday. It was seizure galore throughout the run, and I actually fell and did a complete sommersault in the last quarter mile. I figure it was a combination of fatigue and seizure. Poor Jo was behind me and so focussed on her feet (staring at them, willing them to keep moving) that she wasn't aware of the fall until she saw me laying sideways in a weird position on the sidewalk. I am fairly certain that she was thinking that it served me right for yelling at her to keep running despite leg cramps and fatigue in the last couple of miles.

New Look For the Blog
I've been a bit behind on posting because I've been trying to change up the look of the blog. I switched it over to Blogger Beta, which I like a lot more, but I've had trouble getting everything back the way I want. For instance, the long string of jibberish on the right should be my Race Day Countown ticker. I hope to have that fixed soon. I also used my meager graphics art ability to create a new header for the top. I like it, and FINALLY figured out how to get it up there....after hours of trying (and hours of driving Chris nuts with my OCD-like focus on the computer and not him and the girls), but now must figure out how to make it fit the space better. It's currently too small and off to the left side.

New Teeth For Monkey!!
Amelia (aka "Monkey-Monkey") pushed out two more teeth this weekend. That brings her total up to eight.

New Hairdos for the Little Ladies
We don't cut our children's hair until they turn a year old. It's a Moroccan tradition that Jo follows with her children and we really liked it. Monkey has been unable to see unless she had a Pebbles-style ponytail for months. I cut her hair a little early because she gets her 1 Year Old photos taken next week and wanted to have it done before those. While I was at it I spontaneously decided to give Libby a 'big-girl-hairdo' and cut hers, as well. It's a short, trendy do that is super cute on her. I'll be sure to post photos of both girls soon.

New Paint-Job for My Motorcycle!!
WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I'm getting my bike painted!!!!!!!! If you are familiar, my biker jacket is pink and my helmet is white with sparkly pink flames..... any guesses about the new bike color??? OH YEAH, BABY, IT'S PINK!!!!! I'm so excited. My bike is currently black and deep red. We're having all of the red parts painted pink to match the helmet. I am SO freakin' excited!!!!! Libby and Chris are out there right now taking the parts off so we can take them to the guy. You KNOW I'll be posting before and afters photos.

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