Tuesday, September 12, 2006

All On My Own....... (sing that out loud for me)

Chris officially bailed on the half marathon tonight. While he was intensely playing with his Zip Zap remote control car. He said that spending time with the Zip Zap was more important, as was his french fry habit. Plus, Chris says, "running makes me want to poop". Yes, that was a quote.
So, I'm on my own. My running partner is Muslim and marathon day is the first day of Ramadan so she's out, Chris is too obsessed with Zip Zaps, poop, and Tom's Drive in, and Amelia is just too darned whiney to run that far. Okay, crawl that far. Whatever.
Now I'm nervous. I've never done a big race alone. Maybe it will turn out to be a great experience...proving something to myself...
I'll probably end up running with an invisible gnome friend.

Have I mentioned that Chris calls me "Bloggyna"???? (blog-jina)

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