Monday, September 11, 2006

Ran the Shartlek Tonight

I've had a lingering cough/cold thing and a serious lack of energy lately. After we got our new half-marathon PR last Sunday I haven't had much ambition with running. I ran a shortie on Friday night and it was hard. My shins, knees, hips...everything was sore and fatigued still. I kept making myself feel better by saying that had it been an actual race last week, I wouldn't have run all week. That would be fine and dandy if I didn't actually have to run the real half-marathon in 1.5 weeks. So to get myself motivated, break up the monotony, and have some fun I ran the famed Shartlek workout tonight. If you recall, it's the Reb version of the Fartlek. Inspired by my....ummm....gassy and...well, my husband. Ran two fast miles, walked a quarter mile, ran an even faster one mile, walked a quarter, and ran an easy mile to cool down. My fast mile was 9:00/mile pace, the two mile section at 9:40/mile pace. Now my legs are pooped, but my new shoes (got them today!!) felt great and the shins/knees didn't bother me.

Yesterday we went over to my brother's house. His son, Ben, is the same age as Libby and they go to daycare together. They were playing and we were all standing in the driveway talking. The kids were in the garage. Suddenly Libby comes running out and yelled, "Oh Shit!!!!!" as she's being chased by Ben on his bike. Stunned, we all looked at each other and asked, 'did she really just say that??'.

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