Sunday, January 28, 2007

7 Miles, Zero Degree Windchill

Is this runner hardcore, or what?? Or just nuts? Your call. Whichever you decide, I still ran seven miles this morning in some pretty severe weather.
As it turned out, I was overdressed and had to strip down at mile 1.5 and remove one shirt and one pair of gloves. The sun was beautiful and the air very crisp, and I made a brief stop at the cemetary to visit my twins at the 3.5 miles mark. I still struggled to keep my pace up, but I think that my speed and endurance are starting to get back to where I was pre-surgery. I ran the seven in 1:13, or a pace of 10:25 per mile. I'm getting there.
Official marathon training starts tomorrow

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Jo said...

I may be a little bit faster for now, but I am not that hardcore. Managed 10 on the TM (Thank You, Justin Timberlake!) and then took a hot bath.