Monday, January 01, 2007

Reb's Resolutions

I'm putting my resolutions in writing for all three of you who read this to see. I'm very good (the benefit..or curse in some cases...of my very obsessive compulsive personality) at sticking to things.

1. Drop ten pounds in the next two or three months. (ten from my normal weight, not where I'm sure I am now, post pig out week) I will do this one. This is not your typical 'lose weight' resolution that everyone makes. When I say I'm going to, I do.

2. Run the Green Bay Marathon in May, beating my current personal best time by somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 minutes (hence the need for the ten pound weight loss). This one is Jo's fault. I wanted to say we'd PR it by 15 minutes. But she is crazy. And for whatever reason, she's the boss. I don't get that. I mean, I was running long before her, have two marathons under my belt while she has a measly one. That's just the way she is. That's why they have called her "Mean Jo" since college.

3. Spend more time with Chumley, my nearly (next week) ten year old Golden Retriever. Chumley gets neglected now that I have a husband, two children under 4 and a psycho Black Lab. It was just Chum and me for years and now he doesn't get nearly enough of my attention. So, two good walks a week and a brushing every weekend for Chumley.

4. Continue to do what I can to develop my photography career...lots of research and get those business cards printed! They are designed, I just haven't been able to get them printed yet.

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