Monday, January 01, 2007

Best Sale Ever

We went to Home Depot on Saturday night while we were killing time, waiting for the movie we were seeing to start. We thought we'd go back to the lighting section and look around for fun. We wanted a new light for our dining room, so we're pointing and debating and oooing and ahhhing and then I see this one I really like. It's brushed aluminum and amber colored glass...funky and sort of swirly....
...I check the price on the shelf. Too much. I look up again. The price tag says 25.00. (well, not exactly 25.00, but I'm rounding to the dollar here...) I told Chris that I would be back and went on a mission to find a Home Depot guy, whom I dragged back with me, saying that I have a question on something.
I pointed out the fact that the tag was clearly affixed to the light and that the price was much lower than the price on the shelf....which is not affixed to anything but the shelf.
There is a 120.00 difference.
The guy I dragged back sort of whistled, then said he wasn't going to touch this one and got the lighting guy...
The lighting guy was super nice...but his manager (when Lighting Guy wanted the manager to handle it), not so much. He was very crabby with me. But he couldn't argue it.
That's right. I got a 144.00 light for 25 bucks. It's hanging over my dining table as I write.

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