Sunday, January 07, 2007

Angel Gnome vs Devil Gnome....

Angel Gnome (sitting on my left shoulder): "Get down there! If you run today there will be one less time during the week that you have to manage a run."
Devil Gnome (on my right shoulder): :The couch is very comfy and a movie would be very nice..."
Angel Gnome: "get the run over with and relax the rest of the evening."
Devil Gnome: "you are exhausted...have a cough and face DESERVE to lay on the couch."
Angel Gnome: "You'll have more energy after you go for a run...and you'll feel better"
Devil Gnome: "Don't listen to that goody-two-shoe pansy gnome. You feel like crap, and running on a moving rubber belt will not make anyone feel better"
Angel Gnome: "I'm sensitive. That doesn't make me a pansy. And running is the only way to train for a marathon and lose those ten pounds you keep talking about"
Devil Gnome: "Okay....sensitive. Whatever. Don't listen to that sensitive pansy gnome. Take a break. Everyone else in the house took naps deserve a break, too."
Angel Gnome: "A good run is a break. Go down and savor it while you still have someone around to watch the girls and you can run without jumping off and running upstairs to rewind a movie or pick up a dropped sippy cup."
Devil Gnome: "Your running pants make your butt look big."

That does it. I'm going downstairs.

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