Saturday, January 20, 2007

An Adult Day

Chris got home on Wednesday. After taking care of everything here by myself for a week and a half, and Chris working through the weekend and worrying about bedbugs in the hotel (okay, motel) we both needed a break. So we both took Friday off and had an adult day. I got a run in after the girls left for daycare, then we took off for Green Bay. We had a nice lunch which included drinks. This place mixed them s t r o n g. Chris couldn't drink his. He said it tasted like cough syrup. So after I drank mine, I downed his. I called my friends at work to inform them that it was 12:27 and I was loaded.
Next we headed off for the Oneida Casino. I've never been in a casino before. Yes. I'm two weeks shy of 34 and have never stepped foot in a casino. I took a turn on the slots and then we headed into the convention hall where we attended the tattoo convention.
We saw some VERY cool artwork. And some very cool artists from all over the world. My favorite was an all-female shop from Seattle, WA called Madame Lazonga's. Jacqueline added some detail to my large tattoo on my back that features all four of my girls as fairies among orange poppies. We plan on taking a roadtrip to Washington state this year and you know that I'll be visiting Madame Lazonga's. These ladies know color. If you are ever in their area, check them out. They do the most painterly and beautiful floral work. I've never seen anything like it.
Check out Madame Lazonga's

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