Thursday, January 04, 2007

Post Op Run #2 & PMS Of The Nose

My nose did not fall off.
Nor did it bleed uncontrolably.
Or even turn blue.

I loped along for three miles on my treadmill, increasing my speed every quarter mile. I topped out at ten minute miles, so I followed the rules and kept the speed down. My legs are a bit sore after my first couple of runs after a month layoff, but nothing too bad.

Yesterday I saw my Nose Guy, who cleaned out my nose/sinuses again. Imagine someone sticking a few metal objects deeeeeeep into your nose and then turning on a vacuum device, sucking out all gunk and removing scabs, revealing raw tissue. Pure pleasure, let me tell you.
Nose Guy said that while it used to be 'horrible' in there, it is now 'just plain ugly'. He assured me that I'm not a weenie for still having trouble with the pain, and said that he would expect that I'd still be having "boring pain in my eye sockets, cheekbones, and forehead" and gave me more meds. I feel much better knowing that I'm not overreacting to the pain.

Speaking of reacting, Nose Guy said that I'm a 'Reactor'. Red hair (blonde-ish, strawberryish naturally, very red thanks to Redken), freckles, fair skin....blush/flush easily. Reactors like me apparently have blood vessels that overreact. They constrict quickly and easily due to stimuli. So, the constricted vessels make everything in the nose/sinuses swell and get all inflamed and pressurized and painful. Well, said stimuli would be a bunch of bone-breaking and cutting and scraping.

I asked Nose Guy if next time Chris said I was being too sensitive, if I could just tell him that I'm a reactor and can't help it. He said yes...and to tell him that I have PMS of the nose. That's my diagnosis. PMS of the nose.

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