Friday, October 27, 2006

Ballerina Zoe Takes Shape

Libby and her fiancee, Ethan, are dressing in coordinated costumes for Halloween this year. You Sonny and Cher or Monica and Bill.... but the pre-school version. Ethan was dead set on being Elmo. Which meant that Libby had to be Zoe. Take a look at Ballerina Zoe That's good, because Libby is dead set on being a ballerina(Zoe loves to dance and has a kids' exercize video out where she dances with Paula Abdul), and Ethan's dad probably wouldn't be too keen on Ethan going out as a male balerina in tights and ballet shoes :) But I've been at a loss for how to make a Zoe costume. I've only found one online and it is terrible. It's a ballerina costume with a paper hat that looks like Zoe's head. See, take a look for yourself.
I went to the fabric store tonight to get black fabric for a backdrop to my newborn portraits that I do on Sunday and to look for something that would give me an idea of how to make the Zoe costume for Libby... Found some awesome furry yellow/orange fabric, came home, and got out my grandmother's sewing machine. I basically 'slipcovered' (permanently) the hood of one of Libby's sweatshirts and gave the fuzzy yellow hood eyes, a nose, a button closure by the neck, and piggy tails. I haven't had it on her yet (she went to bed before I started it) so I don't know if it fits or looks okay on her, but it looks WAY better than I'd hoped when it's just sitting on the table :) I'll have to take some photos. The thing is, nobody is going to know who she is. She's going to have this fuzzy muppet head and be wearing pink ballerina clothes.

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