Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Kenyan Midget and Four Miles in a Hotel Room

Today I left work at about noon and headed to the airport to go to Minneapolis for a meeting tomorrow. I checked in, got my boarding passes, went through security (took me a few tries through the gate...all of those knives and weapons....then went to find a seat and get some work done on my laptop while I waited. A guy came in and sat down across from me and I thought that I recognized him, but wasn't sure. I thought he was Jo's brother-in-law but wasn't sure until another stranger went up to him and introduced herself to him, as she works with him sometimes or something. When I heard him talking about his six kids I realized that it was him afterall. Everyone had a good laugh when I jumped in and said, "I know you, too!" He thought it was pretty funny that two random women came up to him in the airport and said that they knew who he was. He and I visited a bit, then boarded our plane (we were both flying through Millwaukee). When we got to Millwaukee we walked to our next gates together and he called his wife (Jo's sister) and said that he had someone for her to say hello to. I jumped on the phone and we had a good laugh. Then I called Jo and did the same to her.
Got out of Milwaukee a bit late, making my arrival in MN later than I'd hoped. I got my luggage and found the taxi area and was told that it would be about a 45.00 ride. But then my day suddenly got a lot more fun. My taxi driver was a am I supposed to say this these days.....little person. I am fairly certain that I probably misunderstood most of what he said. The long taxi drive with my vertically challenged Kenyan friend went something like this:
Little Kenyan Man (I'll call him LKM from here on out): So where are you from?
Me: Mmm, yeah, I think you're right...that was a dumb sign.
LKM: How long are you here for?
Me: No, I am not rich, but I wouldn't say I'm poor....
LKM: Do you like to watch the Packers?
Me: Of course I like cheese and crackers...I'm from Wisconsin!
LKM: Did you say that your name was Brigett?
Me: Oh...well...I wouldn't call you that, I thought you were just short....

LKM gave me his card and told me to call him tomorrow and he'll come pick me up to bring me back to the airport. I can't wait!

I ran another four miler tonight when I got to the hotel. It went better than last night, by far. But the "fitness center" at this hotel is a hotel room with a few pieces of exercise equipment in it. Two walls are mirrored and the door is glass, otherwise it's the same as my room :) Hillarious.

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