Monday, October 16, 2006

What Do You Know...I Ran.

I ran tonight for the first time in ages. I had the Half on the 25th, then took a week off to recover while I was in Charlotte for work. Planned on starting back as usual the following week, but after one run I started getting sick and thought it would be best to not push it. Then I just got more and more sick over the next week and didn't run again that week or at all the next (last week). Today I said that I was running no matter how I felt and did it. Just an easy three miler, but it was something. Man, I could tell that I've been ill, though. My lungs were burning and I just felt sluggish. This virus was a doozie. Everyone I know seems to have had it and all of the identical symptoms. Stomach flu, bad sore throat, burning lungs, backache, fever and fatigue. Somehow Chris and Libby have avoided it so far, and Amelia and I have both made it through now. Hopefully it has left our house for good.

I'm loving my new Mac. My new best friend, John, at the computer store has been a huge help. Seriously, if you're going to buy a Mac, make the trip up to Wisconsin and talk with John. He rocks.
I can now send emails and when I use Firefox to view my blog am only missing the top sliver of my head on that photo on top of me on my Pink Daisy. (When I view it using Safari my head is gone from ears up...and when I view it from a PC on Internet Explorer I'm not missing any of my head at all.) Figure that one out and you win the special prize.

Anyone know of a good Photoshop teacher? There aren't any classes available here at the Technical College for a long time and I need help. Soon.

Oh, and Norah, (aka The Bride Who Wore Bowling Shoes) had her baby, Ember Rose, on Friday! That means that I'll be doing some newborn portraits very soon, including some baby in a pumpkin shots like I did of Amelia when she was 3 weeks old.

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