Saturday, October 28, 2006

Photos of "The Bump" and a Mostly Complete Zoe

This morning Libby fell in the living room and hit her head on the vaccuum cleaner's cord which was on the hardwood floor. The noise it made was big but the cord-shaped bump was incredible. Of course, once she was over it and proud of her bump, I got her into the chair by the window and got some natural light photos of her...

Before "The Bump" she came out of her bedroom and saw the costume I made for her. She yelled, "Zoe!!!!" and wanted it on right away. Thank God at least she can tell who it is. She may end up being the only one, but she's really the only that matters :) Here she is nearly finished. I have to attach Zoe's blue eyelids and tiara yet. (and this is not the outfit that Libby will be wearing. She'll be in all pink with a tutu and ballerina shoes.

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