Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh For The Love Of Pete, Somebody Buy Our House Already!!

Six months of useless, pointless, stressful, depressing, and frustrating showings and bi-weekly open houses later...we still have not sold our house.
Our contract with ReMax ended last week and this week we are listing it with Coldwell Banker, who has a better image and I hope better luck. Our house is warm and cozy and cute and nice...it's perfect for a child-free couple or single parent or single person. We talk about just giving up and staying here, but it's too small for us with two children and two dogs--and it's just so damned depressing to think of giving up on moving into a house that fits us and will continue to fit us long term.
The horrible part of this new listing is that the realtor is convinced that we have to list it for an even lower price. 105,900. That is merely 2,000 more than we bought it for. And with fees and the agent's commission we will end up with a profit of about half of what our down payment was on this house. It's got us at the end of our rope.
This whole thing has been awful.

And I've had the flu. And Amelia had it before me.

so no running to report and none for at least another two days as my photography class is tomorrow night and I wouldn't be up to running yet anyway.

now I'll go whine somewhere else :)

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