Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Great American Never-Ending Virus

I'm still sick. It's been two weeks. First a cold, then turned into nasty stomach virus, then back into a cold...then it started to feel better yesterday so I ran for the first time in 1.5 weeks. My legs felt great but I was hurting badly in my lungs. I thought it was just my asthma, so pushed through it as I really needed to run. This morning I was SICK again, worse than ever. I ended up going to the doctor this morning finally because my lungs hurt so badly and I'm coughing, have a terrible sore throat, earaches, and a sinus infection. They put me on antibiotics for a few weeks (extra long course) then I have a CT Scan on my head in three weeks for my sinuses, then back to the ENT guy and then sinus surgery. They sent me home today with a note to stay home through tomorrow. I am stressed about it as today was my 3rd day out for 4th quarter already. Not only does that shoot my bonus down, but I worry that it will hurt my chances for promotion soon. Then I'll be out for at least one week after surgery. But maybe that will be at the start of Q1. I don't know. All I know is that it's reallly chapping my a$$. For several reasons:
1. I'm out of PTO after today...which means if I choose to stay home tomorrow it will not be paid. I do not get more PTO until January 13.
2. I'm worried that this will effect chances for promotion (been hoping that would happen soon)
3. I'll have to take out my nose ring for the surgery and recovery (I'll be packed for a few days) and it will close up. I know it's dumb, but I love my nose ring.
4. I'm sick of being sick. But I've been putting off this surgery for over a year now. They say that I won't get sick nearly as much once I get it done. (I have three major things wrong with my sinuses, including a 50% blocked airway...and the doc says that it will even help my asthma.)
5. I can't run when my lungs don't work or when I'm recovering from surgery...so that means I probably won't run again this week, so I'll only have one in this week again. And there will be a layoff after surgery, too. Just as I was getting faster. Grrrr.

To go to work tomorrow or not to go...that is the question

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