Thursday, October 05, 2006

Choices, Paths, and Destiny

Last night I had my first "Beyond The Basics" photography class. It's a six week class on the more technical aspects of photography, which is what I've always wanted to learn. I was accepted to Drake University and was planning on going to their School Of Journalism for Photojournalism when I was picking a college. I ended up going to a small Liberal Arts school instead...who didn't offer a single photography course.
I think everyone wonders how different their life would be if they had made different choices, traveled different paths. I certainly do. This is not to say that I am in any way unhappy with the road I've chosen. I am happy with it. I have wonderful family and friends, have had amazing experiences, have developed skills and talents of which I'm proud. I've birthed four beautiful girls.
Where would I be, however, had I gone to Drake and graduated with a degree in Photojournalism? Would I be back here in my hometown, in a big city, or even another country.... Traveling, chasing stories to tell with my camera? Or working for the local paper, shooting the city council meetings and Little League baseball?
I probably would not have met my best friend, since we met as Freshmen in college. Would I have met Chris? Who knows...I guess that answer depends on what you think about destiny.
Possibly this is my destiny and I would have followed a parallel path leading me right my family and friends and career outside of my field, intent on finding my way into a career in photography.
Maybe my choice to attend that Liberal Arts college, therefore having the oportunity to study Art and Music and Sociology and Anthropology, was meant to give me the right mix of tools and skills and talents to be an even better Photographer.
Or maybe I was meant to work at the Seven Eleven and I screwed it all up by finishing High School.
Maybe I should stop thinking about these things and go to bed. It's late and I have a first birthday party to prepare for and an assignment to complete for my class.

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