Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I got my new off camera flash yesterday and it rocks. The difference it makes in my photographs is amazing and it's going to make my newborn portraits soooo much nicer (and easier) this weekend. I'm also looking at getting some very inexpensive lighting that my instructor recommended and will pick up a nice black backdrop on Friday evening. Then I've got my roaming studio all set. I'm super excited about these portraits this weekend. I've been thinking about them and planning them for months now. I want to give them the best photos they could have hoped for and not make them regret not going with a more established photographer. I also want them for my portfolio.
I ran four miles tonight. Man, as Jo and I discussed today, it doesn't take long to lose a lot of fitness. I haven't been able to run consistently for about a month now because of recovering from my race and then fighting this bronchitis thingie. The difference from then to now is huge. I ran a s l o w four miler tonight and it was hard. Much harder than a faster five miler would have been a month ago. Jo ran her first run in a month because of taking a break over Ramadan and she said the same thing. It was hard. We are both ready to get back into some speed training to get a bit faster in the cooler weather.
Last night Chris' mother and aunt came over to celebrate his birthday and I got to test out the flash a little. Here are a couple taken with my flashdillyicious new equipment.

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