Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Bride in Bowling Shoes and A Tooth From Amelia

Today I had the privilege of doing the photography for a friend's wedding. She is actually the daughter component of the mother/daughter/son daycare my girls attend. Norah is a laid back girl with a fun non-conventional spirit, as is her mother. I adore them. They are truly unique and special. So it was only fitting that Norah had a truly unique and special and fun and non-conventional wedding. She got married in a bowling alley. The local news caught wind of the story and filmed the entire thing.
It was fun and everyone had a great time. I will say that the ceremony part of my photography job, and all indoor photos (because if you get married in a bowling alley, you have to do some of the portraits on the lanes, right?) in the dim lighting had me quite stressed out. Add to this that my (as of yesterday) nine month old daughter was spitting up on every soul in the wedding party and half of the guests. Chris is out of town so he wasn't there to hold her and although I did wear Amelia in the carrier (my running friend sewed it for me) while doing some photos, I couldn't for much. She thought that my camera was a toy and had an uncanny knack for grabbing it right as I snapped the photo.
Now she's always a big spitter-upper, but she's cutting one of her top teeth. Today. And that always makes it worse. Also gives her the joys of diaper rash, fever, and crankiness. So between the stress of the lighting and bowling lane portraits, the fact that I was having an allergic reaction to my antibiotic, and my teething baby covering wedding party's black and white bowling shirts in strained-carrot colored spit up, I was a little worn out.
The weather held out and was perfectly bright but overcast, exactly as I'd hoped. So outdoor portraits went great and were much less stressful....exept that the groom had a peculiar habit of making faces and showing his nipples for the photos....
I will share a couple of my favorite photos.

It was heartbreaking to miss my weekly long run with Jo this morning. Between my hip and the lung infection there was just no way I could go. I see the Sports Medicine doc on Tuesday, and I'm hoping that it's inflamation and that he gives me a cortisone shot. Saw my Internal Medicine doc on Thursday, and she said that if this three week course of a strong anti-biotic does not "make me feel like a new woman" I have to get the sinus matter how bad the timing may be. (I've been finding excuses not to have the surgery since Amelia was born 9 months ago). See, the lung infection is secondary to the chronic sinusitis I've had for, like, a year or two...and it has a very bad effect on my asthma. My doctor knows me. She knows that running is very important to me. So she used the running card. She told me that if I want to keep running, I have to fix the sinuses so my asthma stops getting worse.
My last chance was this antibiotic. I was praying that this was the one that fixed me up and that I could go back in three weeks from now and tell that doctor that I feel like a whole new woman. But wouldn't you know it...I seem to be allergic to the medication. I have many antibiotic allergies, but we thought this one would be okay. It's not. I feel extremely dizzy, lightheaded, and everything seems to be swimming. I feel drunk, but not in a good way. I'm even slurring my speech on occasion. I had to stop the meds and will call my doc on Monday, feeling like a whole new woman, but like a whole new drunken woman, which I don't think was what she was looking for.

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