Sunday, June 18, 2006

(Missing) Father's Day

It was a glum Fathers Day for me. Neither my father or my daughters' father was around. My dad passed away nearly two years ago. My husband left this morning for an extended business trip.
Libby and I made cookies for Chris yesterday and sent them along with him on his trip with a note hidden in the middle of the bowl. We had fun and Chris was happy to have baked goods to take along on his flight. He called me from his rental car on the way out of the airport in Washington and came accross the note while we spoke. I guess he likes the cookies.
Had an open house today and in the 1.5 hours we had six different parties through. And about an hour later the realtor called saying that one of the couples who attended wanted to come through again with their realtor. So we evacuated the house again and spied. They were there another half hour or so. I got an update from our agent a while later and turns out they really like it and are going to talk to their bank to see if they have to sell their house before buying ours..or if they need to write an offer with a contingency. And she said that the couple from Friday (my day from hell) also really liked it but are trying to decide if they can live with the lack of closet space. I am so ready to sell this house and not have to deal with showings and open houses and the stress they bring. Without Chris here to help, they're even worse.
My hip is really painful and I think I'm going to call my doctor and see about getting into a sports doc. I can't take time off of training, as the next marathon is only 12 weeks away or so. I'm hoping that it's something simple and that a cortisone shot could do the trick.

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