Thursday, June 08, 2006

Aren't runners supposed to be skinny?

All my life i had the (apparently incorrect) belief that runners were skinny. Especially distance runners. I mean, if a woman is running 40 miles in one week, I assumed that she would have to be skinny. Doesn't that make sense?
So when I became a runner at age 31, I had grandiose visions of myself running through fields of daisies and butterflies, startling up baby bunnies with the warm glow of the July sunset on my face....all while wearing a size 2 running outfit. No jiggling. No bulges. No rolls. Just firm, toned, lean, suntanned limbs with abs that rippled with each stride.
But two marathons later I'm still white, freckly, short, and....well....not a size 2. And I haven't found that field of daisies. Although I do scare up a mangy bunny or two on my early morning runs.
I know a lot of 30-ish year old mothers who run. Some really are skinny and toned and rippling with suntanned abs of steel. But most of them are like me. They are more sturdy than skinny. Definitely not fat, but more stocky and normal. They look fit. And they are. But they can't squeeze into a size 2...a recent poll showed that they were mostly like 8 or 10.
I should find comfort in knowing that I'm not abnormal...well, regarding my body...and I know that I should focus on the fact that I'm strong and fit and athletic, not on the number on the scale or tag of my new jeans. But I just can't. I want that field of daisies and butterflies with the sunset glowing onto my chisled abs. And I want to go and buy a new pair of sexy size 6 jeans.
If I can't have that, I'll happily settle for being at the weight I was four babies ago. It's just ten pounds away (well, 8 away as of today, I guess)...but for whatever reason my body really, really, really likes those 8 pounds. My body wants to see my love handles squishing out the top of a size 10 pair of running pants and my belly swinging from side to side with each not-so-graceful stride through an industrial park outside of town on an overcast day.


chickpastor said...

Another non-skinny runner mama here. I guess what I figured is that the weight my body is when it runs 26 miles in a row is about as skinny as I'm ever going to get. Which was somewhere between a size 6 and an 8, never a 2! If I were a REALLY skinny mama I would be cranky, and that's one think I don't need is more crankiness.

Nice blog, now must feed (cranky) 3 yo.

Axen Haugen said...

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