Monday, June 19, 2006

The Careers of My 3 Year Old and 8 Month Old

Chris is gone for two weeks on business, which gives me a lot of girl time with Libby and Amelia. We get to do a lot more talking and playing than we normally do, since Chris isn't here to share their time. Tonight I was watching them and trying to see their futures. What will they be when they 'grow up'? If their careers were based completely on what they are like and what they enjoy right now, at age 3 and 8 months, what would they be?
Amelia would be a rock star. Or a stunt double for action movies. Or a muppet. She's got the screeching wail, crazy hair, and smart-assed attitude of a rock star. She's fearless and thrill-seeking like a stunt double. And, well, the hair and silly expressions of a muppet.
Libby would be a photographer...her specialty, artistic portraits. Or a comedian. Or an interpretive dancer. She has an incredible talent for taking's amazing, she's always been able to pick up my big camera and frame up interesting shots of people. Some of her photos of the people in our life are my favorites. She is like me in that she'll do about anything for a laugh, no matter how silly it makes her look. And Libby's got moves. Always has. That girl can shake it and she's not afraid to emote.

Here is a photo that Libby took of Amelia and me tonight (check out the rock star hair). And one of Libby from this evening

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