Monday, June 19, 2006

It's Official!! I'm a Superstar!!!

I've known it all along, but everyone seemed to doubt it....I'm a superstar.
Today I got an oversized postcard in the mail from the marathon. It has my photo from the marathon and it says it. Finally someone sees the truth and even sends the word out in a mass mailing. (You got one, too, right?....if not, I'm sure it will come tomorrow)

My hip has been preventing me from feeling my full superstardom lately, though. My friend Lars, a PT guy, says that it's bad tightness. My quad/hip flexor needs to be 'mobed'....I'm not sure what that is, but I can tell you that it hurts like mad. He did a little of it to me today, but said that I need to go for a full session with a massage therapist. Sure, sounds relaxing when I say I'm going to a massage but let me tell you...this is no cucumber-on-the-eyes, lavender-scented-air, new-age music-drifting-me-into-a-light-coma-of-relaxation type massage. This is more like the very-large-and-hairy-Helga-beating-me-up-shiat-su-type of massage. This hurts. So I left a voicemail with someone my friend/massage therapist recommended and left a voicemail. Hey, if it gets my hip working right again, I'll do about anything.

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