Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Good Run and a Wacky Child

I ran six miles tonight with my other running partner, Dave. Both of us are having nearly identical left hip issues, making us a particularly amusing sight. Had our hip problems at least been on opposite legs we could have tied the bad ones together and run a three legged six miler. And we probably would have been faster.
We had to alter our route a bit when we got stuck at the river with the bridge out. We thought that the big orange 'Bridge Out' sign a half mile back had just been to keep the crazy kids out of the flats. We tried to find a way to sneak over....but there was. no. bridge. Took a detour through a frightening paper mill property and were back on track and had an otherwise uneventful run.

Libby is an independent spirit and we love it. She likes to pick out her own outfits and accessories. This morning she chose her red tie-dyed skirt and Hooters t-shirt, accessorized with Dora band-aids. She added the my green hat this evening and requested that I take her picture.

Last night eating ice cream in the backyard...the sunlight hitting her was perfect

Posing in her fancy outfit

Having a crazy moment by the garden

Strange child for sale...price reduced

Chumley sneaking some ice cream last night during our little picnic in the backyard

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