Thursday, June 15, 2006

The gnomes have outgrown their current tree stump and toadstools and need to relocate to more spacious quarters. They have become desperately cramped and with only one latrine to share they have lost all hope of privacy.
When they found a home with larger trees and stumps and toadstools (and even two indoor latrines) they encouraged the man and woman to put their home for sale. And the gnomes and the people cleaned and straightened....scrubbed and scoured.....and spent hours disposing of every dog hair and removing every spot of baby spit up. And yet nobody bought their home. The gnomes are tired. They are stressed. And with the man of the house leaving Sunday for two weeks on business they are concerned about the woman's sanity. They worry that two small children, two large dogs, full time employment, marathon training, and cleaning a house for showings will push her over the edge....and they love the woman. She has kept them safe and provided lovely flowers and toadstools. She has loved them and defended them against the man who doesn't like them and the child who wants to play with them. They see that the time has come for them to stand up and protect their woman. They must find a buyer for their house. They are pleading for your help, for they cannot do it alone. Someone, please, BUY THEIR HOUSE!!!!!!!

Even the children seem to have outgrown their wagon...

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