Sunday, February 11, 2007

12 Cold Hard Miles and New Newborn Photos

My shoot from yesterday is up on the photography site and I'm very happy with it. The baby was three days old and just precious. I think that the photos turned out as well as my shoots do in a more 'studio' type setting. But it doesn't matter what I think... Hopefully the mother will love them.

This morning Jo and I did our 12 mile long run for the week. It was cold and windy and was generally a tough run. After a lot of debating in regards to what to wear (how many layers of what material, etc) we headed out and made it a quarter mile before turning back. We each added one more layer on top and took off. Although mostly warm, I think we were both struggling a bit already at mile four. We stopped for some water and I ate a power gel somewhere around 7 miles, which helped a lot. The run ended with some tough hills in the last two miles. One was about a mile long, at a pretty tough incine, going into the wind. Not the best way to end a long run. I'm pretty sore and am glad that tomorrow is a 'recovery' day.
Finished in 2:12 giving us an average pace of 11 minutes per mile. Not too bad.

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Faithful Soles said...

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