Thursday, February 15, 2007

I Think I'm Green

I don't know what is up, but I'm feeling pretty awful today. Feel really woozy in the head and nauseated. Actually left work at noon and slept for three hours without moving an inch. I would have slept longer but I needed to get a couple of orders sorted out and delivered before taking Libby in for her hair appointment.
Her pink streak had faded and dark times had fallen upon us. Alas, all is well with the world again and Libby now has a "purply pink" streak. Thank God for Sparkly Sarah, Libby's stylist...
Tomorrow night we are supposed to bring the kids up to Green Bay to play in the indoor waterpark with Libby's fiancee Ethan. Nothing like getting into a swimsuit after eating my way through February...
I'm getting incredibly excited about the upcoming workshop with my favorite photographer. Today she sent out a list of the photogaphers who are attending and we've started a discussion board to get to know one another before April. One other woman is from Wisconsin, and we will most likely make the trek together. Yay!

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