Friday, February 09, 2007

I Meant to Post Yesterday......

.....but I was too distraught. Too depressed. Too despondent. Too damn upset.
I couldn't stop the constant flow of tears.
I couldn't lift my fingers and force them to type. They just wouldn't. They are sad, too.
Now Chris is taking dictation so that I can at least offer you my condolences.

Anna Nicole...... poor sweet, smart, lovely Anna Nicole....
the world is a dimmer place, for her warm glow has been extinguished.

**this is Chris now. Rebecca went off and locked herself in the God damn bathroom again and is wailing like an alien or something. I guess she's done with this. Let's just say that she's freakin' sad. I'm just glad I still have those Playboys. I'll always get to see those....eyes.

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